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Saturday, 17 April 2010

How to get free microsoft points

Microsoft Points are used on the XBOX360, With Microsoft points you can purchase many things such as Games, Classics, Game Add-ons, Videos and many more. All of these can be purchased through the Xbox Live marketplace but in order to receive most of the good things that are on offer you will have to purchase them by using your Microsoft points. The only ways to get Microsoft points is to purchase them using credit card through the Xbox 360 or buy them online from retailers like Amazon or Ebay.

Luckily for you i have found a way that allows you get Microsoft points for free. Free 800 Microsoft points, Free 1200 Microsoft points, Free 2000 Microsoft Points, Free 6000 Microsoft Points and more Microsoft points are available to get for free. In this post i will show you how to get free 1200 Microsoft points.

Recently the first Map pack for Modern Warfare 2 had been released to Xbox but the problem with this is that you require 1200 Microsoft points in order to get it. This is why i have specially selected 1200 for this case.

To start off with you will be using this site which would be called a GPT, which stands for 'Get Paid To'. The site we will be using is called Points2Shop.
I will split the methods in receiving those free 1200 Microsoft points you desirably want into 4 steps which are state below

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up 'here'
or click the banner below and sign up at Points2Shop and validate your email.

After signing up you are granted a free 250 points as a sign up bonus. The currency over at Points2shop is 100 Points = $1
1200 Microsoft points = 1950 Points or $19.50. This figure may seem hard to get but it actually isn't, once you know what your doing and you put that extra effort towards it you will get it in no time.

Step 2: Completing Offers/Surveys or Contest/Games

The easiest way to earn points is by filling out very simple surveys. There are a variety of offers to do but in my opinion I believe Eversave offers are the best because of the amount of points they give you, High chance of approval and easiest to complete.

First were going to start by going the offers section of the site. Once there you will see a huge lists of offers available, From the list its best to choose the offer that has the highest possible approval rate and time. Also remember to consider the amount of points it gives you and look at the comment posted by other users who have completed the same offer.

Start by selecting an offer, For this i will use an Eversave offer as an example.
Find these type of offers and visit the advertiser. You will be redirected to another page, this will be the offer you must complete in order to receive points.

It will first as you to fill in your details, It is practically safe but if you are unsure or in doubt you can use 'FakeNameGenerator' for fake details such as an address and name.
Also it will ask you to insert your email, its best not to insert your actual email but infact make a secondary account for which you will use for Offers. Confirm your email and submit. After this it will take you through a number of pages all you have to do is skip or select no to them all till it takes you a page which looks similar to this:

Once you get here you are nearly done, Just select no for everything except one offer. It will take you to the offer you selected. All you have to is press the skip button if there is one or select no and continue. Repeat this until you get to a page that has Silver offers, Gold offers and Platinum offers

It tells you at the top to select # number of silver offers. So if it says 2 silver offers. Just open two of the offers on the current page on another tab and allow them to loads fully. Once loaded just close the new tabs and scroll to the bottom of the silver offers page and move on to the gold offers. There is normally 2 Gold offers just repeat the previous step and move on to platinum. Platinum offers normally only ask for 1 offers so just do the same.

Once done all the above. You can now close the offer and all other tabs and new windows opened with it and now go back to the offers page and find the offer you did. Once found just select offer completed. It will now go to pending status, it will take a while to approve. Approval times can be from instantly to 24 hours and in some cases several days. Once it has approved you will see that you have received points for it.

Just keep on doing offers and you will get enough points sooner then you think.
NOTICE: The recommend browser is Mozilla Firefox. Also it has been proved that the chances of offers approving are higher if you clear your cookies and to be even more certain you should use CCleaner, which really boosts your chances of your offer being approved.

Apart from the offers you can play games. At the moment there is only 4 games but don't worry they are very addicting/fun and at the same time you have a chance to bargain your points.

Step 3: Redeeming with your points

This is step everybody loves to get to. Once you have enough points, in this case its 1950. Go to spend and hover over Non amazon rewards in the drop-box. Then there should be another drop-box and select gift cards, Scroll down and you should see 1200 Microsoft points. Just click on the redeem button and Voila you have your 1200 Microsoft points card. All left is now is to fill in your personal details like email address, name and address. Once redeemed, Points2shop will send you your gift.

Once you receive your gift all you have to do is enter the code in on Xbox and you will have 1200 Microsoft points in your Xbox account. You can spend this on the New exclusive map pack or something else that you've been dying to get. Microsoft points are not the only thing you can get, you can also choice anything that is on so that's almost millions of gifts just waiting for you. If neither gift pleases you then you can withdraw your earnings into real cash.

Enjoy what you receive you deserve it!

Step 4: Refer (Optional)

This is what i think is the best thing about Points2shop, Referring someone is when someone signs up under your special link. When somebody signs up under your link and validates their email you can get up to $0.50 which is 50 points and additional $0.50 if they complete their first offer. So that's an instant $1 or 100 points with minimum effort. This is a really great way to build points or cash fast. The signup bonus isn't the only thing, you get 15% of what your referral makes so if you ref Mary and she makes $1 you get $0.15 for free.
I believe this is the best way to make money or build points for gifts like your Microsoft points and they are many tactics to get referrals.

I hope this has helped you get your free gift, Thanks and enjoy!

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